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R.E.D. Server is a web service designed to automatically derive RESP and ESP charges, and to build force field libraries for new molecules/molecular fragments.
R.E.D. Server provides to computational biologists involved in AMBER, CHARMM, GLYCAM & OPLS force field based biological studies the software and hardware required for charge derivation and force field library building.

R.E.D. Server is outdated: please switch to R.E.D. Server Dev.

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R.E.D. Server version 2.0
    Open to all users
    Project initiated: January 2009,
    Release: November 2010.

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2P-cGMP   3P-AcCoC   FCD   FUDH2   NCDH   NGDP   UTP  
Actual registered users = 844 - Total jobs = 7041
252 registered users (R.E.D. Server I) - 543 jobs executed (→ Nov. 2010).
402 registered users (R.E.D. Server II) - 10548 jobs (→ Sept. 2012).
1145 registered users (R.E.D. Server Dev.) - 25840 jobs (→ Sept. 2015).

Last update of the R.E.D. Server Home Page: June 16th, 2017.

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