The user database is FULL (999 users):
User registration was temporarily closed the: Thu-Jun-1 2023 (Paris Time)

R.E.D.Server Dev./PyRED users have 20 days to save their data from their private accounts.

The user database will be reinitialized the: Thu-Jun-22 2023 (Paris Time)
All users will have to re-register after this date to get again access to the q4md-forcefieldtools services.

A user has to provide the login and password of her/his private account,
as well as the JOB NAME obtained from the qstat graphical interface to kill a job.

A job executed with the public account cannot be killed by a user - send us an email in that case.

After killing a job a user receives two emails, and can obtain the data corresponding to the killed job from the Download link.




(Click once on the 'OK' button, and be patient i. e. wait about 10 sec.)

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