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R.E.DD.B. is a database of RESP and ESP charges of high quality and reproducibility, and force field libraries for small molecules and molecular fragments: A database for computational biologists involved in AMBER, CHARMM, GLYCAM & OPLS force field based biological studies.

R.E.DD.B. project selection: molecules & fragments
Conformations & orientations fully defined, reproducible charge values.

A R.E.DD.B. project contains force field library(ies) and force field parameters allowing the study of complex molecular systems by molecular dynamics simulation. R.E.DD.B. uses Jmol/Java and JSmol/Javascript applets to display atomic charges, atom types and atom names embeded within force field libraries as well as molecular electrostaic potentials computed from atomic charges.

Last update of the R.E.DD.B. Home Page: October 4th, 2021.

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