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atomic charges, atom types, force field libraries, force field parameters, force field tools

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The R.E.D. tools

The R.E.D. tools allow RESP and ESP charge derivation, and force field library building for new molecules and molecular fragments.

R.E.D. Server

R.E.D. Server is an Internet service designed to derive RESP and ESP charges and to build force field libraries for new molecules and molecular fragments. Nowadays it is retired.

R.E.D. Server Dev.

R.E.D. Server Development is an Internet service aimed at generating q4md-fft force fields, as a suite of force field libraries and force field parameters. It interfaces the PyRED program.


R.E.DD.B. is a database of RESP and ESP atomic charges, force field libraries and force field parameters for small molecules and molecular fragments.


R.E.DD.B. Bis & test allows performing blind tests, and learning how a project has to be submitted in R.E.DD.B.


AmberFFC is a program to convert AMBER and GLYCAM force fields for use with commercial molecular modeling packages.


FFParmDev allows developing new force field parameters.


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